Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I Want

Tonight I attended an awards ceremony for my niece who is graduating from high school and I was reminded in a not so fun sort of way why I am doing this blog and taking this journey.  The seats in the auditorium!!  It made me start thinking of things that I want, so I am going to start a list.

I want:

To be able to sit in a chair without worrying about it's size or having to perch on the edge of it.  This is what my nemesis looked like tonight.

To wear a bra that doesn't ride up and underwear that don't roll down under the "belly hang".

To take my kids to an amusement park AND ride the rides with them.

To shop in a "regular" sized store.

To be able to mow the lawn or do yard work without it feeling like I need to rest or die.  Here's a work in progress of my flowerbeds.

To sit in a booth at a restaurant and not worry about fitting.

To ride in the passenger seat of someones car and not feel ginormous.  Or lock the darn seat belt because I pull it out too far when I have to put it on.

To water ski again and take my kids to Bogus (local ski resort).

To be a healthy example for my kids and be here for them as long as I possibly can.
To finish painting my house and not worry about having to be on a ladder.  This is a picture of the wall I did recently and I had to use a 12' ladder. (My husband assured me that it would hold me.)

To polish my toenails without thinking they are soooo far down there and having to hold my breath when I bend in half to reach them.

To have energy.

To not avoid social gatherings, like my husband's Christmas party, because I feel embarrassed.

To value myself for who I am and care enough to take care of me. (This one can be particularly tough, especially when you like taking care of the other people you love.)

I am sure that this is not all....I expect that I will be forever adding to and revising this list, but it's a start to where I want to go on my journey.


  1. The chair thing is a big deal. I remember the first time I sat in a chair at an arena/theater and I didn't feel like I was crammed into it. It is a big deal. It was a huge milestone that not many people understand.


  2. Very realistic goals and I share in some of them. Understand them