Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & The Scale

Let's start with the good! My weigh-in this morning showed a 1.8 pound loss, putting my total at 18.4!! I also have to report, I chose wisely yesterday at the Easter pot luck. Let me tell you there was not much "healthy" to choose from. Luckily my mom, who is also losing weight, brought a veggie tray and I brought quinoa chili.

I realize that there will be times in my life where there is a "celebration" and it will be ok to splurge a little...after all this is REAL life. I told myself at the beginning to keep my journey real, nothing is off limits. It's ALL just about choices. I just wasn't ready yesterday to take that chance. I wasn't positive that I could take that detour and get back on the right road today. The weigh-in this morning made my decision all worth while.

Discover a Lovelier You (Woman Alive, 1972)

Now the bad, well not so much bad as hard. I am making it a goal this week to NOT weigh myself! My scale and I have a very close relationship, we meet-up every morning. It's not, however, a healthy relationship. It can really dictate the way my mood shapes up for the day and that is just silly. All last week I would get on the scale and think to myself..."oh I wish it were showing a bit more." Then this morning for my actual weigh-in, everything was as it should be. And to think, I could have done without the daily "shouldn't it be more's"!


  1. Don't weigh every day! Do I need to come and get the scale? I would, you know. :)

    Congratulations on your 18+ loss! That is AWESOME!!! I made my half-way goal of 12 pounds right on time. It feels great. You can do this!!!