Saturday, April 14, 2012

Such a Busy Day

Today my oldest daughter had a party for her 11th birthday, complete with 14 friends! I must be crazy! I did put a limit on the slumberers, only 3. After a few of the party goers left, my hubby wanted to know if I had taken one of my "crazy pills" and surprisingly I said no or not yet anyway! There was, however, a glass of wine calling my name.

The day started with a hair cut for both my daughter and me, she got her nails painted too. Then we had to take my Grandfather some crackers. He recently moved into an assisted living and is really struggling with his loss of "freedom". Then off to get the rest of the party supplies and a new outfit for her. That's when the fun began!

I did get to partake in the "cake" because she decided to go with angel food cake & fresh fruit. It was delicious! I had to have extra strawberries. Because I was so busy today I really didn't eat enough. I got in the correct amount of calories, but not healthy enough food. This makes me ponder two things...

-Am I going to be hungry tomorrow and pay for it then?
-I really can control quantity when quality is not the best.

Now for some sleep!!

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