My Progress

Updated 1/9/13 (oldest - newest)
Sometimes I just want to vomit...the above pictures will do that.  This was back in March 2012 when I decided that I probably needed to do something about my weight.  I think it was back when I started this blog too, but I was too embarrassed to post them then.  Please note the horrific mullet.

The pictures above were taken (I think) when I was at around 30 lbs lost.  I started struggling after this & gained about 6 back before I got back with it.  They were also taken by my sweet oldest child.  Please note I am rockin the farmer tan...I am from Idaho after all.

 The above pictures were taken 9/6/12 when I was around 56lbs lost.  My sweet oldest child is at school so I am mastering the self (mirror) portrait that I have noticed that so many other bloggers are good at.  Not too bad for my 1st attempt I must say.  Please note my oldest is the only one with a full length mirror so this is her room.

The above pictures were taken 1/9/13 at 102 pounds lost.  Still mastering the self portrait, it's not an easy skill for someone who avoided pictures for so long.  These actual make me smile, especially when compared to the 1st set.  I don't often see the changes from day to day, but this is a place where I can.

My Family

The hubby!
He really is nice, just looks grouchy.

My sweet boy! He's 7
He has a big ol' sensitive heart.

My biggest baby girl! She's 11
She may just be the death of me.

My baby girl! She's 18mo.
She's teaching me to expect the unexpected.


  1. So glad you posted pix. Great work! More than half way to your first goal!!!