Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting On With It!

I know that have talked a lot about painting recently and I think I know why. We moved into our current house last July and I bought most of the paint for it before we moved in, but only painted my youngest daughter's room until recently. I blamed a lot of it on my baby girl and her non-accommodating personality, which is true for the most part, but it was also a good excuse. In the past few weeks I have gotten my sons room two toned and I've started on the rest of the house. I've even run out of paint!

Paint Roller

I think that I have been putting it off because I was scared of how much work it was going to be and how hard it was going to be on me. I didn't want to see just how out of shape I was and I'm often scared to push myself into the unknown. It has been very physically hard on me! I think that anyone who is over weight and grossly out of shape can understand what I'm talking about. I sweat, breath hard, have trouble squatting then standing, and hurt all over. But you know what? I feel good!

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