Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I use to be quite a water drinker, but in the past year or so I've definitely decreased the amount I drink. One reason, as silly as it may sound, is that I stay at home with my baby and getting to the bathroom could sometimes be hard. Less water meant less trips to the bathroom. Dumb, but effective.

O is for overflowing

Lately I have been trying to make sure I get my water in. We all know how important water is, but I recently read that it actually helps metabolize fat. No wonder my rear grew! Ha!

Here are some other reasons water is so important:

-Naturally suppresses the appetite
-Kidneys cannot function properly without it
-It's the best way to overcome water retention
-Helps rid the body of waste
-Helps with constipation
-It's calorie FREE!

There are many many more benefits, so drink your water!

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  1. AMEN! Water is one of my best friends. I love hot water and lemon when it's cold, too.