Monday, May 21, 2012

Taking Back Control

This week the scale won! Don't get me wrong, I don't mean the number, I mean the control it had on my week. I did so well last week that I was sure that I would have to be spot on this week for a loss. I was NOT totally spot on, weighing at least once daily (if not more), and wondering all week how I was going to deal with my 1st gain.

Well I didn't gain!! I lost 2.2 lbs for a new total of 34.6 lbs. This makes me wonder why I cannot just trust what I am doing, the changes I am making, and the importance of what I am doing for my life! I may not have been spot on, but I was well in control and SO much better than I ever was before I started this.

Today I do two things....

1. Celebrate me and my success! Woot woot!!

2. Give the scale to my hubby when he gets home and tell him I don't want to see it until next Monday! Over and done!

Here is to another great week!Cheers

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