Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Change Is Gonna Come

Change.  A good thing, a bad thing???  I for one usually do not like change.  I like my routine, my expected, my guaranteed...I have anxiety (which I medicate) and that does not bode well with change.  But I am also smart, logical, and usually down from the clouds enough to know that change is gonna come!

I look forward to a changing body, wait, do I?  Honestly, I am anxious about aging, sagging skin from weight loss, cheater readers, and many more things that I have yet to experience.  Yesterday I struggled with anxiety and doom (even after taking my medicine the night before).  Most of it comes from my OCD and chaos in my life...if I could just be in charge of EVERYTHING it would all be good.  Today I am doing better, thanks to another dose of medicine last night.  Today I feel "normal" and ready to face the world and the change that comes with it.

How about if that change came soon enough to wear these ------->
This is a pile of 12 or more pairs of capris (all about the same size) that are too small for me.  When I started this journey wearing these seemed like a distant pipe dream.  When I originally tried a pair on, I couldn't even get each side of the zipper within 4" of each other.  Don't you just love the way the photo turned out?  It looks like there is an aura of goodness surrounding these capris.

Now just imagine my surprise (or just look at the photo), when I tried on that same pair the other day and zipped them.  They are NO where near public display worthy, but they were on.  I want this pile to get me through the warmer months, then be so big come fall, I won't be sad to see them go with the arrival of colder weather.  This is the kind of change that I think I can live with!!


  1. WHOO HOO! Way to go!!! I know exactly how you feel! I was able to wear a pair of capris I hadn't worn in YEARS to church on Sunday and yesterday I wore one of my most favorite pairs from 2008 that I haven't worn since 2010 for sure; maybe 2009. It's a good feeling, Wendie. You can do it!

  2. You really make me laugh. And everything is so true. And pretty much with everybody!