Thursday, May 3, 2012

When I Was A Child

  • My parents told me… That if I was going to do something then I should do it right the first time.  I think that is why I'm a bit OCD and if I don't think I can do something at 100% I don't try.  I'm sure now that what they meant was just give it my all. I am trying to learn as I "grow up"that it's ok, if my all is only 50% at least I could be 50% smaller than I am now. :)

  • I wanted to grow up to be a… spoiled rotten princess.  I came close!

  • I refused to eat… meat.  I really didn't learn to enjoy the deliciousness of meat until after my 1st daughter was born.
  • My favorite thing to do outside was… probably ride my bike, however, if it was hot outside you would find me inside.
  • I broke my… nothing!  I waited until I was 32 to break my ankle.
  • I liked to wear… really, really large earrings.  At the time I also had three holes in each ear and things could get a bit obnoxious.  School pictures are very entertaining to look at.
  • My parents always… bowled.  Several times a week and they were good.  I might be sorta good myself, but who's bragging.
  • I thought that Santa was… old.  We sat on his lap every year at the Karcher Mall.  It was the same one every year and he even had a real beard. 
  • My favorite cartoon was… Captain Caveman and Scooby Doo
  • I was the… smart, good girl.  I only hope that my kids are like I was, then I won't have much to worry about.
  • I got in trouble when… I really don't remember getting in trouble much.  Remember the last one....I was the good girl.
  • My bedroom was… wallpapered with shopping sacks and Mylar balloons.  I use to have a collection of sacks from everywhere.  I must admit I just recently (within the last month) finally threw away the box of them.
  • My favorite food was… pasta!!  It still is too, which makes it hard to lose weight.
  • My parents always made me… clean my room after school every day.  I was really good at putting things in my closet and nightstand drawers.  I might have even broke my closet doors.
  • My first crush was… on Jeff Kendall in 4th grade.  He even came to my birthday party.
  • My favorite toy was… a little yellow school bus that opened up and had little people inside.  I also use to sit on it and ride it around the house.
  • I thought school was… boring and a lot of drama.  I am now dealing with the drama of a daughter in 5th grade.
  • My biggest fear was… thunderstorms, I hated them with a passion!!  Now I love them and think they are cool.  I was also afraid to stay the night away from my parents for what seemed like forever.
  • My favorite story was… I didn't like to read back then and was too busy doing other things to have a favorite story.
  • My favorite memories… Going to look at Christmas lights with my entire family in an old car every year.  Spending time at the cabin in McCall.  The Hagen's house and all their cool board games.  My Grandma Marian and my Mom running all the time and my Grandpa taking videos of all those runs.

  • This was a fun little post to do and to share a little about me with you.  I cannot remember who's blog I saw this on first and got the idea, but I have seen it on several and it is always fun to read.  I hope you enjoyed.


    1. Oh, I loved this post! I had forgotten about your sack and balloon covered walls! And don't forget that in addition to your love of big earrings, was your love of big watches! I was always so jealous of your watches!

      1. I forgot about the watches! I just found a chest with them in it a few weeks ago, how funny. And you shouldn't have been jealous, I was jealous of so much of who you were and what you had too.