Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday I tried two new things.

The first was Map My Walk. I only went for a very short walk because the mosquitos were trying to carry me and the baby away. There was a small glitch in my route recording too...apparently I am a world record holder with just over a 2 minute mile. Not sure what went wrong, but I'll try it again. Anyone else use this app?

The second thing I did was go for a bike ride with my entire family. I was in the lead, so I kept pushing myself to go harder. Didn't want them waiting on ol' mom. I also used Mapping My Walk (Ride) with a little more success than earlier. No records on the bike. What I haven't figured out yet though was why I had to pull the baby trailer?

Our Rides
Baby's New Helmet

Still struggling with the eating, but I'm still trying...and I am still moving!

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