Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Went To the Dr. & the Dr. Said...

Yesterday I went and established myself with a doctor. Pretty sure it's my first regular doctor since my pediatrician, well outside of the girly doc. We talked about past health of course, but we also talked about me trying to lose weight. Of course he's all aboard on that front, but what I really liked about him is he was REAL. No smug remarks like I've been given before such as, "It's all about calories in and calories out!". Like we all don't know that...just like we all know drugs are bad for us, doesn't mean it stops us all.

I really did like him and the suggestions he had. I totally felt that if what I try doesn't help, he'll be there with more ideas/options. He also sent me toady to get my blood taken so that we can check certain risk factors I have and get a baseline on the other stuff. He did do one thing wrong though, he happened to mention that I was getting of the age where we were going to need these baseline numbers. The of a certain age! Ha!

I think that all the blood they took today, 4 mason jars full...ok just 4 viles, but still...took the oomph right out of me. Is that possible? I even took a nap, something I NEVER do!

Going to bed now and praying for more energy tomorrow.


  1. Hope you get some rest this weekend. And good luck with the new plan! :)

  2. As you say, moving forward one step at a time! Good for you!