Monday, July 9, 2012

Dieter's Prison

Whenever I put myself on a strict "diet" I always feel deprived, like I've had something taken away from me. My own little dieter's prison! I do well in the beginning, watching my behavior, then all hell breaks loose. I rebel like I am trying to prove a point, but to whom I am not sure. I end up only hurting myself and right back where I was trying to escape from.

That is why I am trying to do things differently this time. Nothing has worked in the past. It's time to change my ways. There is only one problem...that old me, that old mindset, it is still lurking in there. The one who says all or none. The one who berates me for screwing up. The one who expects perfection. I'm trying to deal with her, but she is strong and has been with me for a very long time. All I know for sure is that I will never stop trying.

I have a friend who really is in prison (if you must know it's for embezzling) and sometimes I admit I'm jealous. Only of the weight loss, don't get me wrong. She went in at 215+ I believe and when I talked to her the other day she was down to 158. Maybe there needs to be a REAL dieter's prison. A place you're sent when you treat your body, your temple, without regard. It is a crime unto you, is it not? Only, I'll need a house keeper and a nanny while I'm gone...


  1. Amen I agree. Or a trainer and the me time for at least a year. Like on tv

  2. This post makes me a little sad. Maybe when you start feeling deprived of the food you would like to be eating, remember that your weight is also a prison that's keeping you from doing the things you dream of doing - ziplining across the Grand Canyon, right?

  3. I understand! Sometimes I think I would love to run away to a fat camp or something where I have no choice of what I can eat. :) BUT... it does last forever and just like with most peope in "prision" one day you get out and have to think for yourself again... :)

    - Lisa