Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy and I Know It

One thing I know for sure after being on diets for what seems my whole life, the ups are really up and the downs are way down. There never seems to be anything in the middle. When you are on a good week or a great loss you're awesome, let's just face if, the bomb! However, when you're not doing so well or gain you totally suck!

This is something I struggle with and after reading so many blogs I know that I am most definitely not alone. I read them and wonder why that person is being so hard on themselves, after all they're human and they are at least still tryng to be healthy. I realize that I need to cut myself some slack too! A very hard thing to do, but how I wanted this journey to go.

Believe it or not right now I am on a high. Ive been eating good, feeling great, and the scale this morning told me that I am awesome. That is what I WAS going to post about, but after watering all my flower (relaxed thinking time for me) I realized I don't want to get ahead of myself. I AM happy, proud, and feeling I am going to run with it and let it carry me while it can. I am going to embrace the "easy" days with all I've got, but I am also going to acknowledge the bad. Realizing I too am human and maybe sometimes I just need a moment. Hopefully not a two month moment next time.


  1. One day at time, that's all we can do! Keep truckin', Miss Wendie.

  2. Just the way you should do it. Hang in there