Wednesday, June 6, 2012


One of my kids' favorite jokes is, "Hey look under there!" To which you reply, "Under where?" Then they giggle and laugh while saying, "I made you say underwear!"

This of course brings me to a much more serious issue, underwear! I hate them, but I gotta have them.

**WARNING*** TMI about to occur for some people, read on at your own risk.

Let me start by describing some of my current issues:

Silky Pretty Pair - They twist & turn and literally make my pants turn sideways. Also, they're inevitably up the cheek on one side.

Cotton Bikini - They roll! They're constantly under the belly roll and I spend my day unrolling them...literally the day!

Cotton High-Cut Brief - I don't really enjoy my underwear sticking 4ft out of the top of my pants!!

Seamless Something or Others - These were recommended to me to help alleviate the roll down issue, which they succeed at, but only at the expense of riding way up the arse. And they are not a thong.

Boy Shorts - Just wrong, that's all I have to say! I carry weight like a woman, I am NO boy!

See my issue? What is a girl to do? In my younger, non-fat years, I was a thong wearer and I've considered giving it another go. Couldn't possible be worse could it?

Can anyone help? Do you have issues your own? I would love to hear!


  1. Go Commando!! That would eliminate the problem, right? lol

  2. I have had all the same issues at one time or another! I feel your pain! I agree with Holly! Go commando!


  3. I don't know but I sure like this post and the picture of the little girl is GREAT!!!