Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Weigh-In

I weighed-in this morning with a 1.2 pound loss, bringing me back to 34.2 pounds. I'm only .4 from where I got distracted off track. I am happy with this and really want to continue moving in the right direction. My eating is not exactly what I want it to be, but I am trying to at least be aware. I am also trying to incorporate exercise into every day. Today was a quick ride on my new bike with my kiddos in tow leading the way! I leave you with some shots of our fun. (I need to get someone to get me in a photo someday!)

The baby is riding her pony

My biggest baby girl

My boy, what more is there to say

My bike, ain't she a beaut! (my hubby is trying to adjust the brakes)

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