Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Issues of My Own Making

I'm having an issue...

I'm struggling...

I feel fat & awful...

I feel disappointed...

Why? Because I did it to myself! I made Reese's cookie bars, and I ate a LOT of them.

Why? Because I use to bake all the time and eat just one, if any at all. My sister use to wonder how I did it, now I wonder.

Will I move on? Or is this it?

I WILL move on! Because..."What is my alternative?"

Check out this great post http://skinnyemmie.com/2012/06/faq-weight-loss-motivation/ for Skinny Emmie's explanation on "What is my alternative?"

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully, you've just moved on and started fresh the next day. Most of us relapse. I find I can only eat sweets with my mom around as she'll eat half and stop when I do. However.... there is a plate of cupcakes sitting on my counter, covered with a glass bowl and I can STILL smell the frosting. Grrr. Time for a piece of gum.