Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Check In

It amazes me how fast and busy the summer days can be. Tomorrow my sweet baby boy (he's my middle child) turns 7 years old and it seem like just yesterday he was my baby.

So... I thought that I needed to take a minute to check in and report on my progress. In my case it seems to be lack thereof. I've never really gotten totally back with it since my Grandma passed, but I don't want that to be, nor do I think that is the reason (excuse). What I've been struggling with lately is... "what's the point!"

I talked in my last post about the want it now food mentality and I really think that is one of the issues. I also think that when I start thinking about where I need to go & how far it is, I tend to get a little overwhelmed. And what originally started as a healthy lifestyle quest has turned into "just a diet"! I don't want to be on a diet, cuz isn't a diet just what someone eats... Good, bad, or other?

I will not give up though!! I neither gained or lost last week, but I think I got a bit lucky there. I'm gonna keep moving forward and I'm gonna start by buying a bike. I've got it all picked out & everything. All I can do is keep trying, and I will.

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