Monday, June 18, 2012

Play By Play Monday

Today I:

Fed the baby
Got ready for the day
Watered my flowers outside
Went and watered my mom's flowers
Came home and went for a walk with the baby & my sweet girl on her bike
Drank a ton of water
Started some laundry
Opened all the windows
Fed the baby (and I had some yogurt & Kashi)
Did the dishes
Vacuumed the house
Put the baby down for her nap and closed all the windows (stupid dogs bark & wake her)
Shopped for bikes & trailers online
Switched to Pinterest
Ate too many chips with veggie dip
Contemplated a nap, but I don't nap
Started this blog post
Swapped laundry & folded
Opened all the windows again
Got the baby a snack, rounded up the kids (plus a neighbor kid), & headed to Target
Bought a bike, bike trailer, & other misc toys (picture soon!)
Fed the baby
Watered the inside plants
Had a glass of wine with a friend
Folded & put away more laundry
Closed windows (wow I messed with the windows a lot today)
Ate delicious nachos my hubby made me
Changed a poopy
Washed sippy cups & cleaned up the kitchen
Rocked the baby, kissed all my kiddos, & put them to bed
Now I'm finishing this post & enjoying another glass of wine
I see Pinterest & maybe a game in my future...oh & hopefully an early bed time!

Hope you enjoyed my day! I did!

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