Friday, March 30, 2012

Road Trip

We did a quick one day road trip to my husband's parents today. I love to eat in the car! A stop at the convenience store before hitting the road is one of my favorite parts. All we hit the store for today was something to drink and gas. I also logged all my food today and I stayed under my calorie allowance. Yay!! I didn't even starve or die...thought I would without treats, but I guess I was wrong.


  1. I commend you for staying on track. I have been thinking of the traveling thing since I have a five day vacation coming up. I'll use you as my inspiration.

  2. Good work! I, too, thought I would fail when I went on ministry tour with the high school over break. I didn't! I didn't track food either, so I was so worried I am sure I went under in most categories. ;)