Friday, March 16, 2012

Hunger Is Not My Friend

This yummy pizza was my dinner tonight and the answer to my biggest nemesis. I DO NOT like to be hungry! Mostly because that is when I lose control. I am like a child, I cannot wait for food to be done. I want it now! Even if I try making something healthy, I have little conversations with myself while I cook about how I don't care. How it is all just one big unfair card that I didn't want to be dealt. Discarding now!

I have been trying to work on it. I know that if I let my hunger go, that is the end. I'm trying to eat more all day. No more hoarding a huge chunk of calories for the evening. Well, except for those designated for my evening wine. :) I'm also trying not to waste calories on quick empty calorie snacks that do nothing for me.

Tonight I was hungry! I got away with it though because my pizza was quick & huge for the calories. Flat out bread, pasta sauce, ricotta, tons of mushrooms & peppers, and ham all cooked on the BBQ. Yummmm!

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