Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Start of My Journey

I've been thinking a lot lately about how long I've been trying to lose weight and when it all started. It's a bit surprising to think that it has been at least 22 years since I tried my first diet. Which of course makes me wonder how much longer I will struggle with this.

I remember when I was a teenager and my grandma tried to help me lose weight. She use to try to motivate me by giving me a dollar for every pound that I lost. I know that she cared a lot about me and only wanted the best for me, but sometimes I wonder if things could've been different if the focus had been less on weight and more on nutrition and health.

When I look back at photos from that time, I only wish I could tell my young self, you are soooo NOT fat. I was, am, and alway will be bigger than most women. I was 5' 10" by the time I hit high school and wore a size 11 shoe (bump that to a 12 now). Of course it didn't help that my 3 best friends were some of the smallest girls I knew (and still are by the way). All of this is not to say that I couldn't have stood to lose a few, but I think knowing about nutrition and health might have been enough.

Knowing what I do now, about everything I have gone through in the past 20+ years, there are some things I know that I am just going to have to accept. I know that this will always be an issue and the only thing that I can do is face it head on every day. I may fall on my face some days, but I need to get back up and move forward. This is what my journey is suppose to be about.

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  1. You are right on! I'll tell you, because of my early weight issue nightmares, I have tried SO hard to NOT talk about weight with my girls. It's hard when I see them making unhealthy choices so I just try to wait until we're not "in the moment" and then talk about it like it's unrelated. Thanks for sharing your journey!