Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Its Grips.... & A Weigh-In

It has been a while and I only have one excuse.  It's my darn book(s)!  I have literally been using ALL my free time (and more) reading.  I think I've mentioned before, I LOVE to read!  I am very aware of my love to read too, so I have to restrict myself a lot.  Well it didn't happen between the last two books. I finished one and rolled right into the next one in the series without pause.  I guess that's what happens when I have access to a "bookstore" on my iPad at 11:00 PM.  Not to mention that I just HAD to continue on in the series.  So....that's been the reason behind my absence.

I decided it was time for an update.  I looked back for my last weight loss check-in and realized it was two weeks ago.  I've been doing really well, trying to stay very conscious of me and my surroundings.  In fact a couple of weeks ago, after my last weigh-in post, I thought maybe I hadn't been eating enough. Horrible, I know!  It's funny how when you don't eat empty unnutritious things you don't consume 10,000 too many calories a day.  Okay maybe not that many, but I actually was instead not eating enough and that can be just as bad for health/weight loss.  I focused on eating a bit more frequently and I really think it helped.  In the last two weeks I've lost 7.6 lbs which brings my total to 76.8 lbs.

I'm really trying to focus on what's important to me and for me with the holiday season basically starting today. Happy Halloween, by the way!!  I really WANT to be successful through the end of the year and start the new year not having to make up for decisions made in the past.  Because that truly is what it's all about, decisions.  I'm going to try to make the correct ones for me so that I can keep....


  1. I really enjoy your posts. Keep it up!

  2. Great post! We are on the same page, friend!!!