Friday, October 19, 2012

No Longer Comforting

"You carry you weight well."

This is something that use to comfort me.  Maybe people don't know how much I REALLY weigh.  Maybe they think I am just a little over weigh, not morbidly obese.  After all, I've always been taller and bigger than everyone even when I wasn't "fat".  I weigh THAT much more because I always have.

Then I went to the Dr. the other day and they gave me a print out of the main information in my chart.  Some new law or something.  I saw this....

Apparently I haven't gotten them fooled.  They don't care how tall I am or how I am built. It only confirmed with me that day what I have already decided.  I don't want to "carry my weight well" anymore, I simply just don't want to carry it at all.

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