Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Talking Food and Weigh-In

I don't talk a lot about my actual food or diet here specifically for a couple of reasons.  What works for one person is not always the answer for another.  Even my doctor says that there are millions of diets and combinations out there, not all good or bad, you just have to find what works for you.

Another reason for not "talking food" is the compassion one feels for what works for them.  I do not want someone to tell me what I am doing wrong when what I am doing right now is working for me.  I do not want to doubt myself, this is hard enough without that.  As long as my doctor is on board that's all that matters to me.

Don't get me wrong, I respect people's compassion because I get that way too.  Only in my case I sometimes call it obsession. :-).   It's hard for me to not run around screaming from the mountain tops about what and how I am doing.  It's hard not to share what makes me feel better, but it's me it's working for.   I do not understand your addictions or your issues with food.  I only understand mine.  My trigger is not your trigger, nor is my struggle the same as yours.

What I can offer though is support and understanding.  While I may not have the same specific struggle as someone else, I do share the "addiction".  Whether that be food, tobacco, or even exercise I GET the struggle and treasure the support.

Now for the weigh-in part, this week I lost 3 pounds bringing my total to 79.8 pounds. Halloween down, the rest of the holidays to go!  I'm working on staying conscious not obsessive and allowing myself to be human.  This journey is about so much more than food and pounds lost, it's about being nice to me too.

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