Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Help Me I'm Melting and Other Randomness

Yesterday I walked around with this feeling that could only be explained as melting.  Not as in "the weight is just melting off", more accurately explained in terms of a candle melting and dripping, sliding, and mushing into a heap.  That's kinda how I feel in my skin at the moment.  I LOVE my progress, my smaller clothes, my smaller me...I'm having issue with the skin.  Some days are better and some are worse. Such is life.

I've been tired and not feeling well, which I'm sure explains some of the downer skin drama, and I find it the most difficult time to keep motivated.  All I can think about is chicken noodle soup, but without the broth....aka a big ol' heap of white, starchy pasta!! Nom nom!!!  I haven't done it though!  I went to the Dr. for antibiotics today, so hopefully the feeling passes soon.  If it doesn't I might not be responsible for my actions. :-)

I did weigh-in yesterday, even though I did on Friday after Thanksgiving.  I'm super happy to report a loss of 1.2 for a total of 84.4 pounds.  Now to just get to feeling better so I can keep plugging along.

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