Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I seem to be all over the place lately.  I'm freezing then I'm hot.  I'm thinking I'm looking thinner and then I feel all fat and bloaty.  I'm spot on with my eating, then I could give a hoot.  I'm motivated to get things done and then all I want to do is sit on my beehoovers.  I know this too shall pass, then I'm impatient for the next step.

At times like these I have to rely on several things.  One, support from my "team". Especially my hubby who gently reminds me that he can remove the chips from my line of vision.  Second, my logical mind.  If I just take a moment I can rationalize everything into a calming spot.  Somewhere that reminds me that I really do know that this is only a moment in the bigger picture.  Thirdly, stopping to take a look at where I've come from and where I want to go.  Being able to see the written and photographic proof here in one spot is a great reminder.  It's also a great way to spur the motivation that is sometimes all I can use to get through moments like these.

I also need to remember what causes some of these feeling in me.  Not eating enough throughout the day (horrible problem I know) and not having the correct groceries in the house are the biggest instigators.  Then, as I'm well aware, the downward slide starts there.  So I've taken action to eat more often and I've gotten some groceries.  Yesterday went well and today is following suit....

My weight was up 2 pounds this week.  This was not an accident or a surprise.  I chose to eat certain things just like I am choosing to get back to it and not dwell on what is.  After all I've still accomplished 103.6 pounds and two pounds in the scheme of that is nothing.


  1. Loved the insight on paragraph #2!

  2. You are not alone in those "wishywashy" thoughts! I feel like I bounce back and forth some months. I'm finally in a "good" month, but I know I can easily fall back into the old habits and not caring. Good advice for staying motivated - support and focusing on the goal!!