Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This Is Me Today

I thought that it was probably about time (let's be mom did) that I posted an updated progress picture. So without further ado here I am as I look today 102 pounds lost.

Sometimes it's hard to see the progress living it one day at a time. Even though I absolutely hate taking pictures of myself, it's at times like these I am thankful that I do. I'll try to get them loaded under the photo tab up top soon so you can compare them with the horrible originals. I had to go look and what I really want to know is why didn't someone slap me, at least for the hair if nothing else. :-)

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  1. Proud of you + envious!

    Keep it up til you're satisfied

  2. Wow, you need to put the two side by side. The first one and now. Again WOW