Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Official

This morning I weighed-in at the exact same weight I was when I went to deliver my second child over 7 years ago.  If only I were birthing a baby today, not because I want another, but because that sure would be a big boost to the weight loss.

This is both a happy and sad moment. Sad because it's ridiculous I weighed less 9 months pregnant, that it's taken me soooo long to get back here, that I would let myself go like that, etc. Happy because I'm proud of what I've accomplished, proud of where I'm heading, and excited to enter the pre baby #2 territory.

Today I weighed-in with a loss of  5.8 pounds (hot diggity dog) bringing my total to 56.4 pounds. I feel good!


  1. Great loss this week, and so far! It IS crazy to see compare to when we were this weight before. :)

  2. HUGE loss!! Congrats!! Keep at it :)