Thursday, September 6, 2012


First a side note.  After doing this blog for approximately 6 months, I have finally posted some photos.  Please note the new photo tab at the top. :)

Now onto some random things about me, my life, or just things in general.
  • I L-O-V-E coffee.  Plain black sludge, the stronger the better.
  • I suffer from both OCD & a hording condition.  The OCD is winning out as I age...the clutter causes me anxiety which in turn makes me need my "crazy" pills.
  • I carry most of my weight from the waist down (check out the new photos) and always have.  My sister says I not only have cankles, I have kneekles too! She's mean.
  • I become obsessed with one food at a time. (Shocker I know)  Like for a while it was Ben & Jerry's every night, then it was PB Twix, then Carmel Bugles...It can last for months at a time and then one day I'm just done.
  • I never wanted kids and now I have 3.  Who would've thunk it.  I credit my 1st baby girl for making me see the light.  She may have been a oops & she may be the death of me as a tween, but she is also the BEST thing that ever happened to me!!
  • I've been married the same man.
  • Until I had kids I didn't like eating meat.  It just tasted gross.  No problems now.
  • I'm 5'10" and wear a size 12 shoe.  I've often wondered what it would be like to be petite for just one day.  Plus I'd like some cute shoes.
  • Speaking of shoes, I wear flip-flops almost year round.  It even looks like I am wearing them when I'm not, thanks to an awesome tan. 
  • The tan has even faded
  • Since I just showed you my feet I guess I should point out that I have 4 tattoos and I'm itching for more. I also can't wait for the leaves on the one on my back to not be hidden in the side back fat roll.  Almost there, but not quite.
  • I once lost a ton of weight by eating mostly saltine crackers and drinking excessive amounts of vodka tonics.  The vodka would indicate the need for the saltines.  This was all of course before any of my kids, a very long time ago so no need to lecture.
  • I'm a beauty school drop out.  Too many allergies.
  • I love to craft but unfortunately never seem to have time for it.
  • I enjoy growing flowers and hand water both my pots and flower beds daily.
  • I really enjoy a couple of glasses of wine every evening, but since I am trying to lose weight I have mostly given it up.  Maybe once a week, sometimes more and sometimes not at all.
  • The only foods that I know that I absolutely don't like are carrots (cooked or raw) and tomatoes.  I'll eat salsa and canned tomatoes in things, but I just can't do a regular tomato.  Wish I could, they look good.
  • I didn't get Pinterest at 1st and thought it was stupid.  Now I like it, but I am not one of those crazy Pinterest people.  What I don't really get now is Instagram...I've tried it, used it a little, but just not sure exactly what the purpose is.
I guess that's all for now.  Anything else anyone wants to know?


  1. LOVE the tattoos! I want to see them closer up. I have 7 and counting. They are addicting!

    1. Thank you! I have to see if I can get that done. They really are addicting. I've been in 5 times (the one on my back was a two step) & would have many more if it weren't for the money aspect.

  2. I love dark rich coffee, too. Obviously liked alcohol too much which us why U have 11 years sobriety. I don't have any tats because I would be covered in them if I did...addictive personality. Like the new pix. Good job!