Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weigh Day After Vacation

First I must start off saying what a treat it was to go on my little mini vacation.  I've gone to McCall all of my life because my parents have a cabin there, but what a totally different experience it was staying in town in a motel.  It was like we were tourists.

The first day while my hubby worked my kids and I explored town, which we don't really ever do when we are at the cabin.  We played on the beach, checked out the little shops, had a coffee, and just wandered around.  On the other days we went shoe shopping, picked huckleberries, swam in the lake, and also swam in the hotel pool.

The hotel had breakfast every morning and there were even some healthy choices.  I did really well with breakfast.  Lunch wasn't too bad either because we ate things we brought with us.  Dinner was a bit tougher because of course it's harder when you go out.  I feel like I chose really well everywhere we went.  We even went for sushi, which was a first for me.  I did plan for and allow myself one treat and that was a dish of ice-cream from a place called Ice-Cream Alley.  It was good, I ate what I wanted, then I threw the rest away.

When we got home I could tell for the first couple of days that I needed water, even though I tried really hard to make sure I got in my water.  It could have had something to do with the amount of wine I may have drank.  Thankfully for my weigh-in this morning I finally felt back to "normal".  I am VERY happy with a loss of 1.4 lbs making my total now 50.6 lbs.  I realized when I logged my weight earlier today that this makes me past the 1/2 way mark to my first goal of losing 100 lbs.  I will still need to lose more after the 100, but I really wanted to give myself something tangible to reach for.

On another note, school started for my older two yesterday.  Even though I am sad to see the summer break end, I am anxious to get back into our normal routine again.  Summer often feels like such a free for all.  Now if I could just get my hubby back in town permanently!

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