Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Goals...Won't You Join Me

I've made a decision and I want to invite you along. I've been trying to post this for a week, so hopefully I haven't waited too long. Starting on March 1st I want to help motivate myself and you to reach for some of your goals. A competition of sorts, but not with anyone else, with yourself and your excuses. I know that lately I've been one giant walking excuse and I'm ready to move forward. Please read to the end for all of the details on joining.

First, let me tell you about some of my personal journey and my issues. I've done this whole weight loss thing before, a lot. I wanted it to be different this time and it has until recently. There are tons of underlying issues that I am going to try to address in the next few week, but there are a couple that I want to tackle head on right away.

Exercise, shhhhh don't say that too loud, is the biggest. I don't do it. I've lost 100+ pounds by simply watching what I eat and increasing "normal" daily activity. I know this is not going to get me all the way where I want to go, however there is an obstacle. In the past I never started exercising because I was afraid of the scale stall that happens with retained water, sore muscles, MORE muscles. Stupid I know, especially the logical side of me, but I've always been chasing the number on the scale. On some level I was doing it again without being totally conscious of it.

Another thing that I tend to do is prove a point and then stop. Not just with my weight loss but in many areas of my life. Without even really meaning to I set myself a goal of losing 100 pounds. I originally picked it so as to not be overwhelmed by the total amount I need to lose. Sort of a mini goal instead. Well I did it, bam! Done! See I can accomplish, now what?????? So I've been sort of floundering here going up, going down, up, down.

This brings me to my goals. In short my goals are to pick a new weigh loss goal, start exercising, and avoid the scale for a while. I will post my official detailed goals and plan by Thursday, along with anything else relevant to them.

If you would like to join me for the month of March, here's what you have to do....

1) Pick and put your goals in writing. It can be anything that benefits health. Exercising, losing a certain amount of pounds, stopping a bad habit, whatever you make excuses for. It can be as simple or as complex as you want. If all you want to do is get more sleep and your goal is to put down social media & go to bed earlier, great. Maybe you're already a rock star and you want to PR a half marathon, that's great too! Just make sure to include what your goal is and a trackable path to it. (AKA a plan)

2) Email me your goal information. (thestampingqueen @ gmail.com) If you want, and I suggest, include before measurements, weights, photos, or other relevant information for your goal. It will be nice to have before and after information, especially after 31 days.

3) Check in every Friday starting March 1 and with your final results March 31. You can also do this more frequently or bug me for moral support as needed.

What I'll do:

1) I'll support you in your quest and draw strength from you in mine.

2) I'll share your story, goal, progress, or whatever you wish here for others to see & benefit from. At minimum, you will be listed as a participant and what your goal is.

3) If you are successful (and it's your definition of success no one else's) I will send you a reward at the end. Please know that I'm not independently wealthy so don't get too excited! Something celebrating you and motivating you to achieve more.

I hope this will be the catalyst I need to propel me forward on the next phase of my journey. I hope I can help you too!

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  1. I 'm in. I have to think what my goal will be. Great idea.